Automotive Scan Tool PID DIagnostics (Diagnostic Strategies by Mandy Concepcion

By Mandy Concepcion

during this e-book, the several ideas of test software parameter (PID) research can be uncovered. thoughts concerning PID research are speedy catching on, as a result of their velocity and accuracy. by way of appropriately reading different scanner PIDs, the technician can arrive on the resource of the matter a lot speedier and competently. those approaches provide upward thrust to the hot time period “driver seat diagnostics”, considering the fact that lots of the initial diagnostic paintings is finished in the course of the scanner. besides the fact that, those ideas will not at all substitute the ultimate guide assessments which are part of each diagnostic direction. they're easily geared to indicate the technician within the correct direction.

Edition 4.0 part 6 – experiment software PID Diagnostics, Copyright 2004, 2011, All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

(Introduction to experiment software diagnostics and the relevance of utilizing PIDs or scanner parameter to accomplish the 1st leg of all diagnostics.)

- conception of Operation at the back of the several PIDs
(Describes CARB, the adaptation among regular and improved PIDs, the FTP)

- OBD II widely used PIDs
(PID calculated and genuine values, calculated information relationships, base injection timing, ECM price substitution)

- OBD I & II common PID analysis
(erasing code-or now not, recording, interpreting and pinpoint exams, setting apart PIDs into groups)

- gas supply Fault Detection
(fuel supply matters, consumption air temp. sensor, BARO sensor, Engine LOAD, RPM PID, momentary gasoline Trims, long term gas Trims, 60% of cost engine mild matters, block learn/integrators, Example1: injector fault, instance 2: consumption gasket concerns, gasoline prestige, ignition timing, MAP/MAF, TPS, O2 sensor, IAC, Closed Throttle, injector pulse width, voltage strength, injector duty-cycle, gasoline trim cell)

- try no 1 (Determining an engine’s gas Consumption
(rich-lean operation, duty-cycle to gas trim courting, O2 sensor to gas trim relation, feet and vacuum leaks, ignition timing and idle keep an eye on, attempt conclusion)

- try out # 2 (Misfire Detection approach, EGR, Ignition and Mechanical misfires)
(misfires and OBD2, scanner misfire detection – a time saver, OBD2 forty and eighty cycle misfire, ignition, injector and EGR density misfire, coil-on-plug, misfires and O2 sensor, lean O2 & Secondary misfire, O2 sensor & injector misfires, leaky injector, EGR and the MAP, style A, B, C misfires, try conclusion)

- attempt # three (Air/Fuel Ratio Faults)
(air-fuel imbalance, MAF and submit O2 sensors, open-closed-loop, gas allow, HC & CO relation to AF concerns, attempt conclusion)

- try # four (BARO, MAP & MAF PID analysis)
(MAP & valve timing faults, ECM habit, gasoline supply or accountability cycle attempt, volumetric potency, , try conclusion)

- attempt # five (Clogged exhaust)
(clogged catalytic converter detection, TPS, MAF and converters, idle and WOT or huge open throttle values, vacuum readings, MAP to WOT chats research, engine and MAP vacuum, try out conclusion)

- try # 6 (EGR Fault Detection)
(EGR and MAP values, ECM response to EGR concerns, EGR temp sensor, DPFE sensor, EGR and O2-MAP and raise place sensor, EGR and engine pre-loading, EGR and the ECM faulty excessive LOAD concerns, attempt conclusion)

- try # 7 (O2 Sensor Heater)
(O2 warmers and why?, tricky to ascertain O2 heater matters, O2 heater influence on sign output, O2 heater bias voltage, engine off and O2 altering price, attempt conclusion)

- try out # eight (Resetting gasoline Trims)
(resetting injection pulse corrections, long term and momentary gasoline trims, examine situation, Lambda, case research on gasoline trims, feet resetting in response to producer, try out conclusion)

- try out # nine (Engine Cranking Vacuum Test)
(MAP/MAF cranking vacuum, vacuum to PID research, vacuum leaks, gauge-PID try out, resources of leaks, cranking values, try conclusion)


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